How To Stay Safe With Viagra Spam

Mankind has always been concerned about the ability (or lack thereof) to get an erection. However, mankind is also not to admit to anyone that he has trouble getting an erection, as mankind could then become suddenly manUNkind. Although we laugh about it now, in some ancient cultures, not being able to get an erection could mean you loose your throne and your social standing. Viagra spam happened a long time before the invention of Viagra or spam.

Doctor, Doctor

Some of the oldest magical spells and herbal remedies have been to cure impotence or to make a man’s current performance better. Getting impotence cures was always something done in back allies or under the table. It was never talked about in the open. This was especially important since many civilizations say an infertile king or ruler as a sign that the Gods were somehow angry.

Although we are more open about impotence (erectile dysfunction), we still don’t like to actually admit to anyone we know that we need a little help. This is one reason why Viagra spam is one of the most common forms of spam on the Internet. If your spam isn’t about money, then it’s about getting a better sex life. Getting Viagra through an Internet site seems an anonymous way to get medicine.

Danger, Danger

Most Viagra spam is a scam and nothing else. These are phishing emails, hoping that you will click on the links provided and willingly give your credit card or other personal information to the wonderful web sites they lead you to. These sites can also load malware malicious software) onto your computer’s hard drive, making your personal data readable to a cyber criminal.

Keep Your Hopes Up

However, not all Viagra websites are connected to scams or cyber criminals. You should immediately delete all Viagra spam sent your way. However, if you go to a legal medication website, then ask them to send you an email, that’s different. That’s not Viagra spam , because this is email that you have requested.

One of the reasons Viagra (and, therefore, Viagra spam ) is so popular is that it is one of the most successful medicines that actually does what it claims it will do. Viagra doesn’t work for every man with sexual dysfunctions. There are also some severe side affects. This is why you need to go to your doctor first, get a prescription for Viagra and then go to a legal medicine website.…